Holiday & Special Event Lighting

Holiday & Special Event Lighting

Holiday & Special Event Lighting

  • Never worry about having to hang Christmas lights again!

  • Show off your home and celebrate every holiday your way.

  • Great for birthdays, special events, graduations, house parties, Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day, July 4th, and more!

  • Celebrate Game Day for all your favorite sports teams! Flash your lights when your team scores or wins the game

  • Custom app allows for tons of possibilities up to 16M color combinations, or choose from 102 pre-programed configurations

  • Create a schedule to automatically come on and turn off at specific times.Our app is also linked with so you could set it for a sun-down to sun-up schedule.

  • Zoning allows you to have different sections of your home lit while the rest of your home can be off or on a different pattern.

Valentine’s Day
July 4th